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Log Siding and accents

This is a great way to get the look of real logs without actually having a full-scribed log structure.  Whether used on your home, garage or outbuildings or simply used as accents along with your log home in areas where full log doesn't work, Log Skin Siding is a great alternative. 
We can order the log skins in various sizes to try to match as closely as possible the look you are desiring.

This is a full scribe, full log home.  Could you tell at first 
glance that the gables are actually not full log, but log skins?

The home on this property is a full-scribed log home.  The homeowners chose to use log skins on their garage
to attain a "log look" that would compliment and tie-into their existing log home.

We custom build our log stairways and railings. 

Deck rail installed summer of 2011

Log railing installed in a loft during construction


Every set of log stairs is custom built to fit the home or deck that it is being installed on.  The green tape visible on the above photo is holding protective cardboard on the stair treads for protection during the final stages of construction.

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